Building Site

Hello World,

since mid-December 2014, Martin and Stefanie have been working on this website. The Launch is planned for the Kings’ Meeting 2014 in Bassila. It is scheduled just before Christmas.

Directly after the Kings’ Meeting, there will be the Development Congress for the Arrondissement de Bassila; this year for the 40th time!

This website will hopefully be available for these occasions. It will not be ready, but there will hopefully be enough to see to be able to show it to the people who will come especially for these grand occasions.

Since this website hopes to collect all freely available publications and links in and about the Anii language, this website will hopefully never be finished. If you know of more documents, please tell us. You can find contact details in the Impressum.

If you find a really dead link which is not tagged as a building site, please let us know about this mistake and we will correct it.

Or if you have other ideas what could be offered here or where we could link to, we would gladly hear your input.

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