Writing of the Anii language – Volume 4 – Standardized Orthography

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Writing of the Anii language

Volume 4

Orthography Handbook of the Anii Language


This document is in French and in Anii.

35 years after its first steps in writing the Anii-language, the Anii-community has given itself a standardized orthography. This opens the door for the future of the language.

This Orthography Handbook of the Anii Language contains all the rules which have been formulated. Each rule is illustrated by several examples. This handbook will serve as reference manuel for everyone who wants to write Anii.

This document is Volume 4 in a series which documents the development of written Anii from its beginnings up to the adoption of its orthography in 2012/2013.

  • Volume 1 documents the writing of the Anii languagefrom its beginnings up to the arrival of SIL
  • Volume 2 explores the options for the Anii orthographyin the light of the results of a thorough linguistic analysis.
  • Volume 3 proposes a preliminary orthography for the Anii language.

This Volume 4 contains the alphabet as well as all the rules of the grammatical orthography which define the writing of each sentence. These orthography aspects are completed by the lexical orthography of each word which is found in the Anii-French — French-Anii Dictionary called Cabɩ. In order to master the entire orthography, the two titles are necessary.

This book is a technical description of the orthography with all of its rules as well as the grammatical and phonological knowledge necessary to understand the orthography. It assumes the knowledge of a certain level of grammar and technical linguistic vocabulary.

There is another didactic book for the less advanced reader. Volume 2 of the Transition Guide teaches all the orthography rules of Anii with explanations, examples and exercises. This title has been written for all Anii who read French.

Let us use the written Anii language to document the traditions, to preserve the culture, to educate the population, to prepare the future and to know the joy of reading.

May the Anii language move ahead!  Atɩgɩkrǝ ! Gɩ cê ŋyɩɩ !

L‘équipe anii de SILà Bassila

Author: Zaske Stefanie

Illustrations of the title page: © 1999 “Corel Corporation and its licencors; all rights reserved”

Publisher: SIL, Bassila, B.P. 50, Benin

Pages: 78

Price: 2000 F CFA

Copyright: 2014, SIL, Bassila – see details in the document

The title page may neither be copied nor changed.

Licence: Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag

This work – except for the title page – is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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