at the moment, there are not yet a lot of games on this site. But folks in Bassila are always trying things out.. There are rumours that there are already prototypes of a first crossword-puzzle-game (similar to Scrabble), but that is still in the lab.


Every now and then, the Anii-Team is playing “Prison”. That is the local version of “Hangman”. We have changed the name, since there is ready too much violence in our world anyway, and since “Prison” is not as final as “gallows”.

Instructions “Prison” here.

Ideas for the future

Later we want to offer “real” crossword-puzzles. But we still need to finalize the entry of letters (there are some special characters in Africa, and also several letters consisting of two symbols). And the clues for crossword puzzles also need to be developed and written…

Word Search

Here we have got two first examples where you do not yet need an Anii-keyboard on your device. They are simple fields of letters where you can find words.

So, have fun with our word searches:

Instructions? Just pull the mouse (or the finger) over the letters where you have found a word. If it is correct, in will be marked with a colour.

Body parts


Problems with the display? If you see dots where there are supposed to be letters, please download this Special font (ca. 1 MByte); and install it on your system. Right-click on the word “special font” and click “save”. Then install it on your system as you do it usually.

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