Impressum or Legal Matters and Contact Details

The German version of this Impressum is the official one.

This is just a translation of the initial explanations, not of the full text.

Martin Zaske is renting this server at

This is a personal, non-commercial website where I am offering documents for the Anii language on a temporary basis, until a permanent hosting-solution has been found.


Martin Zaske

BP 48


Rep. du Bénin

Tel. (+229)

nagasana dot(Punkt) server dot(Punkt) mail_in @(at) spamgourmet dot(Punkt) com

About the domain:

“Na gasana” means “Welcome” in the Anii language. Literally it means “and the walking”, so the free translation is “(you) and (your) journey/ (your) way (to arrive) here”. This shows clearly that the domain-name does not have a link to a company or an organization. I have been on this domain since mid-2012. If there are ever any questions about this, please get in touch in writing.

Copyright and Licences

All of the documents which are being offered have got different copyright respectively which is always stated clearly in or with the document. The same is true for the distribution-licences: Please take note of the respective licence in or with every document. These documents are not mine, I am just sharing them as a voluntary service with the permission of the respective owners.

The Titel-Photo is a collage, by Martin Zaske, based on a graphic © photosoup –; it may thus neither be copied nor distributed.

The Anii-logo which you find in different places on these pages has been created by me a couple of years ago. The copyright is mine. I am offering this logo free of charge to anyone who is also publishing documents in Anii or who supports Anii language development. Please get in touch in writing in order to obtain the correct files (i.e. vector graphics for print publications).

The Slogan for Anii literacy has been in use among the Anii since the 1980s. I do NOT claim any rights to this slogan; it is probably in the “public domain”, I do not know of any copyright holders.

The official Wikipedia W is in the public domain (ineligible for copyright)( and is used as one of the official logos or designs by the Wikimedia Foundation. The Wikimedia Trademark Policy authorises the use of their trademarks for linking: “We invite you to link to Wikimedia website(s) for the purpose of allowing your visitors to go directly to the source of Wikimedia project content.” (


The links on this page are only meant as suggestions for the visitors. They are all about the Anii language. I do not recommend the linked pages nor do I assume any responsibility for the correctness or up-to-dateness of those linked addresses nor for any of the contents on the linked pages. If anyone knows of any other potentially interesting pages about the Anii language or wants to propose any corrections, please get in touch. Please also tell me if you link (or have linked) to this site from somewhere else.

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