Documents by category

Useful tips for reading or downloading the documents on the Help Page.

Documents by the form of the print-edition:

4×4 Work-Sheets

loose A4-sheets with activities for groups of four people


not a printed document, rather a diary on the Internet


more than 80 pages, stapled our bound


up to 80 pages, usually stapled


a big sheet, typically with a front and a back


only available online so far, no printed copies



Documents by their design or suitability:


these documents contain illustrations

also suitable for children

historical document

This category does not mean the topic “history”, but it sorts all documents which were published before 2004. For example a historical health booklet could be listed this way.

Didactic material

Documents which can be used directly in the classroom. It can also be helpful for preparing lessons to display the Documents by difficulty. For teacher training you can find the topic (not category) Orthography.

bilingual (Anii – French)

lists all documents which have got French elements in addition to the Anii, even if not the entire document is bilingual.

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