GʊGʊ Magazine

gugu_logo_400px_google+_white_bgThe GʊGʊ Magazine is something very special in this collection of media in the Anii language: A lot of reading material is being created in form of a magazine with mixed content. New editions are published in irregular intervals and they also have an audio version each.

The original of the magazine is being published on paper, but it is not for sale: It is being pasted up on special reading walls in many villages, parts of town and high-schools and can be read by the population 20/7 free of charge and freely.  Here you can see photos of these reading walls.

Since GʊGʊ has got its own web-server, we only put a link here. In your browser the GʊGʊ website will open in a new tab or in a new window. The navigation on the GʊGʊ-website is also in four languages. But the magazine itself is only available in Anii. However, just browsing it is also very interesting. In 2015 there will hopefully be an index where a summary of each article can then be found in each of the 4 languages.



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